Monday, 21 April 2014

Ginger - Good For your 

Yes, ginger is high in vitamins and minerals, and it has many health benefits such as anti-viral, anti-toxic and anti-fungal.
It can be very good at relieving carsickness in doggies as will decrease the vomiting and nausea.
It is good for tummy problems, and it can help with reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Ginger can also help treat allergies as it is a antihistamine.
Studies also prove that ginger can improve blood circulation and help lower your dogs cholesterol levels.
Today I've just made some Ginger and Molasses Doggie Bone Shaped Biscuits, yum yum............

Herbs That Are Good For Dogs

Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis)Rosemary

Is high in calcium, iron and vitamin B6.  It acts as a anti-oxident and aids digestion. 
It is also good for your doggies heart and helps calm the nerves.
My Lamb Treats are packed full with fresh rosemary from my garden.....yum

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