Friday, 19 August 2016

Henrik reviews our Bake a Bone Baking Kits

Take a peep at Kelly and Henrik the Dogs lovely review of our Bake A Bone Baking Kits
Well it is the #GBBO soon.....

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Guru Cold Pressed Dog Food Review

When the Geeksters at Guru Pet Food asked if Welly would like to try out their NEW Full on Feast we did not hesitate.....  Welly is no stranger to Guru Pet Food and has been chomping his way through their Surf and Turf quite happily.

The Full on Feast Bag arrived to much excitement and Duckie appreciation... soz ducks!
Welly had the sulks as I told him he could not open his New bag until he finished off the other one first.... Well he did his best.... after all ... he does like 3 meals a day + snacks.... normal right!

Welly had a bright idea....  he dosn't get many.... so we went along with it!  'GrandPaw' looks after Welly while I do the baking... so usually gets brekkie and lunch with him.  'Grandpaw' gets Welly's food from the Milkman because its easy for him not to carry.... lets say another lessor brand, and was about to run out.
I know... woofed Welly..... give 'Grandpaw' the rest of the Surf and Turf so I can open my NEW Duckie Full on Feast!..... so it was decided..... phew!

The first thing we noticed was the delightful smell..... Duckies... Yum!
The Bag stated Duck, Sea Fish.... (Ohh octopus?) only joking...... vegetables and was Grain Free too boot!

We also love that the bag is re-closable.... with a very clever velcro type sticky edge... which really does work to keep the bag sealed and fresh!

There is a measuring cup to help with portion control.... as you will find that you need a lot less Guru than other types of dried kibble... I normally just give Welly a hand full but having the cup made it easier to control portions..
You can use it just as it is... dried pellets.... or add water... making it easier to swallow and digest and an easier transition.... which normally takes about 2 weeks.

Welly Woofs 5***** for Full on Feast

What More?.........

Thursday, 11 August 2016

NEW Wax Collars and Leads

Delighted to add to the Wellybix Collection... Brown and Green Wax Dog Collars and Leads...
All Handmade in Derby

Order online at

Collars at £22.00
Leads at £20.00

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

New In at the Wellybix Shop....Harris Tweed Collars & Leads

Delighted to tell you about our lovely New stock.... Harris Tweed Collars and Leads in lots of lovely colours.  All handmade in Derby with authentic certification labels from Harris Tweed.
Collars start from just £17.00
Leads start from just £18.00
Check them out on my website

Lovely Cerise and Black Houndstooth

Black and Red Traditional Tartan

Fabulous Turquoise

Lovely Bright Cerise Pink

Lovely Lavender

The only problem is which one to choose!...... Woof Woof x

Monday, 8 August 2016

The Dogvine Review (London Dog Talk)

Please take a peep at our latest lovely review from Tops Dogs Nina, Moleque and Belinha from the Dogvine (London Dog Talk)

Thursday, 4 August 2016

New Stockist in Worcester

Say Hello to lovely new Stockist in Malvern.... Austin & Co. 18 Belle Vue Terrace
This primarily a stationary shop but with a doggie theme.... Woof Woof

Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Hound and Small Biscuit Review

Check out this lovely biscuit review from Hound and Small

Daisy The Dog.... Woof