Saturday, 14 May 2016

Ruffle Snuffle Rug/Toy Review

Ruffle Snuffle.......

Do you know about the latest craze for dogs yet?

It's called a Ruffle Snuffle, the best-selling luxury hide and seek game for pets.  Its made from luxury fleecy material and is machine washable too, it even has it's own draw string bag to keep it in.

It's simple and fun to use just Shake your ruffle, sprinkle on your pets dry food or treats, ruffle into the fleece and then watch your pet having fun snuffling it out!

It is excellent physical and mental stimulation for your pet.
It's great at slowing down fast eaters, and is ideal for pets recuperating after illness or injury on cage rest.

Large is £29.50 in a choice of 10 colour ways, and you can even choose your own colour combinations.

Small is £18.00

This fantastic pet product can be for cats, pony, rabbit and guinea pigs as well as dogs

I've got to say Welly was interested from the word go.  We've introduced a ruffle snuffle time of day, usually mid afternoon, when
we get the snuffle out, and he loves it.  He loves it so much, that now every time we return home, the very first thing he does is check out his snuffle just in case he has missed one!

Welly can't recommend them highly enough.... hours of fun! Woof

We have a Voucher Code X96ZWKU which can be used up until the end of May....

The other great product in the range is Tugger Twists and Tuggers Pop.

Made with the same lovely soft fleece, the Tugger Twist is available in Small £5.75 Medium £8.00 and Large £9.75

Great Fun for Tug of War Games and the Tuggers Pop with the Ball end is easy for throw and fetch games..... that is if they let you join in the fun....

Welly loved the Tuggers Pop and runs off with it hoping I will chase him to throw it again, and again.......

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